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Poem in Your Pocket

With a poem in your pocket Your whole day will not be cursed Prepared for any problem With a simple rhyming verse A few words that you have written No big deal extravaganza Broken down in four equal parts That can be part of your stanza But I have to caution you Of your poem’s … Continue reading

Stuck on that Middleton View

Stuck in the Middle with You ( Stealers Wheel ) Well it’s about time that I found a wife Who can keep up with this Prince of Wales life I could pick anyone in this whole world To be the future Queen and my best girl Blondes to the left of me Red heads to … Continue reading

Give Krech Some Pants

Give Peace A Chance (John Lennon) two, one two three four Larry Krech talking about Doctorism, Nursism, Bed Panism, Recoveryism, Rehabism Wishing them, They would give him For his embarrassism All we are saying is Give Krech Some Pants All we are saying is Give Krech Some Pants That would be great Larry Krech talking … Continue reading

Personalized Service

As the final preparations are being made for the ” Special ”  visitors and ” Unnamed ” Royal Family, we are going to no expense to treat our guests to but only the finest of amenities. As Sir Graham Lodge esq. himself will be attending the days activities, ( Who else but he, can play  … Continue reading

Marshes of Lodgy’s Lake

As I walk the marshes of Lodgy’s Lake I can see where my world is at With a spring breeze gentle to my face Damn! I just got bit by a gnat! The morning dew does glisten From the spot yesterday of which I sat Resting my weary bones down once again Damn!! I just … Continue reading

Introducing The Staff

As with all aristocratic lodges in England, your comfort here is of the up most importance. We have spared no expense to hire the most trusted and loyal employees that will make sure your stay here at Lodgy’s Lodge, one to remember. Let me introduce two at this time. Handling the day-to-day operations of social … Continue reading

A Royal Reservation

While thousands of reservations have been pouring into Lodge’s Lodge, I’m afraid there is good news and bad news. The Grand Opening will still occur as scheduled for the weekend of April 30th, but it will not be opened to the public till the following weekend, May 7th. It seems a certain royal couple, who … Continue reading

Grand Opening

Welcome to Lodgy’s Lodge

A place online where we can meet all the time.